Research And Grant Proposals - Grant Proposals

General Information

Anyone wishing to submit a grant proposal benefiting Muscogee County or any of its schools/programs/facilities must follow set procedures in seeking approval. It is important to understand that while grant funds can and often do benefit the students and stakeholders of the Muscogee County School District, the details of most grants result in significant work for a large number of people. As such, the grant approval process seeks to identify everyone that a grant will impact and evaluate the ability of the county to successfully execute the requirements without undue negative impact. Additionally, allow some time for review and revision. Submit your proposal no less than one month before the due date to allow ample time for review and necessary editing.

To begin the process, write a summary or abstract outlining the grant's goals, application due date, timeline, and stakeholders. Submit this along with all available documentation to the Director of Research, Accountability, and Assessment. The director will do a cursory review of the grant to ensure it does not violate district or state guidelines, compromise student privacy, and to ensure it is not a redundant program. Following the director's initial approval, the grant will move forward for review by any impacted school principal, department director, and division chief. These stakeholders will meet with the grants committee to perform a full evaluation and make a final decision.