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Muscogee County School District provides a telecommuting option from alternate work locations to create a supportive work environment and to encourage sustainability efforts. Telecommuting is a voluntary work arrangement in which an eligible employee; with approval, works one or more days each workweek from an alternate work location instead of commuting to their respective work place.


Both Exempt (Non-Overtime Eligible) and Non-Exempt (Overtime Eligible) employees may be eligible to be considered for telecommuting.

Is Telecommuting Right for You?

Before initiating a request to telecommute, eligible employees should consider whether telecommuting is right for them. Certainly a home work environment with no distractions from others gives individuals more freedom and control over their work, making them more productive. However, not every job or individual is well-suited for telecommuting. The best telecommuters possess the following traits:
  • Ability to work autonomously
  • Does not need continuous feedback and support from colleagues or supervisor
  • Exhibits strong organizational and problem solving skills
  • Effective written and verbal communication
  • Ability to work in a socially isolated situation
Additionally, the alternate work location may need to be visited for safety and security purposes by the Department of Risk Management. Before pursuing a telecommuting arrangement, employees should consider these traits as well as other issues that may affect their success as a telecommuter.

The employee’s supervisor will determine if a position is appropriate for telecommuting arrangement.

Positions that require an employee to work frequently with specific equipment or interact in person with the public may not be well-suited for telecommuting.

Is Telecommuting Right for Business Continuity?

Supervisors should give all eligible employees the opportunity to know about the ability to telecommute. However, as a supervisor there is much to consider before discussing a telecommuting arrangement with an employee.

Supervisors will also need to consider the role of the individual in a particular position. If a supervisor decides to pursue a telecommuting arrangement with an employee, he or she needs to review expectations for working in an alternate location. Additionally, supervisors need to discuss how work is to be completed and reviewed as well how communication will occur between the employee, the supervisor, and coworkers.

Employees that need advice and guidance on establishing a telecommuting arrangement should consult with their respective HR Coordinator.

Corey Neal (Central Region Contact)
Latoria Akins-Jackson (East Region Contact)
Kevin Shirley (West Region Contact)
Tamika Robinson (Support & Operations Contact)

Telecommuting Resources

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