Office of Employee Relations & Experience - Leave of Absence & Accommodation Information & Resources

Muscogee County School District offers various leave programs for employees who need to take time away from work for medical, family, military, and/or personal reasons.

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Eligibility: Determined based on the type of leave a teammate is requesting

Benefit Details:
  • Emergency Board Leave: An unpaid absence for extraordinary personal reasons that PTO or other leaves will not allow
  • Family Care Leave: An absence to care for a qualifying family member.
  • Medical Leave: Approved time off from work due to a serious health condition that prevents an employee from performing their job duties. Employees who are not eligible for FMLA may be eligible for Emergency Board or Personal Illness leave.
  • Medical Accommodations: An accommodation for medical reasons can include; but not be limited to, an alternate work schedule, telecommuting, reduced work schedule, or environmental resources. Accommodations are reviewed on a case by case basis and will entail an interactive process to ensure all necessary information is collected to make a determination on the request.
  • Military Leave: An absence needed by an employee who is a member of or has a family member in of US Armed Forces, National Guard or a reserve unit.
  • Paid Parental Leave: An absence for birth and non-birth parents to care for a child newly added to their home through birth, adoption or legal placement.
  • Religious Accommodation: An accommodation for religious reasons can include; but not limited to, an alternate work schedule, approval for an observation of a religious holiday, etc.

Steps Required for Leave of Absence or Accommodation

Employees in need of a leave of absence can complete a request by CLICKING HERE. Below is an overview of the Employee Responsibilities and the Supervisors Responsibilities.

Benefits and Pay While on Leave

If you need to make changes to your benefits or have questions regarding benefits billing, please contact the Benefits Service Center at 706-748-2149

  • While on a leave of absence you will continue to be paid by the same method you were paid prior to your leave (i.e. direct deposit).
  • Employees with Short-Term Disability benefits must contact their provider once Paid Time Off is exhausted.

Should the employee elect to continue insurance benefits during an approved leave of absence, then the employee is responsible for paying the premiums in accordance with the terms of the group insurance policies. The Muscogee County School District assumes no responsibility if proper payment is not made where payment is the employee's responsibility.

If payment is not received or a payment plan is not established, benefits may be cancelled or suspended.

Leave of Absence Policies: