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Budgeting oversees the efficient and effective financial operations of Muscogee School District by assisting the school district in maintaining sound fiscal management to support in the assurance of sustainability of the school district's budget. Budget development begins with the formulation and distribution of individual school and department budget preparation materials and the synthesis of these into the annual Superintendent’s Recommended Budget. The process also includes working closely with principals, department heads, and budget managers in managing, developing, and monitoring of the budgets.

Documents and Resources

FY07 Recommended Budget
FY08 Recommended Budget
FY09 Recommended Budget
FY10 Recommended Budget
FY11 Recommended Budget
FY12 Recommended Budget
FY13 Recommended Budget
FY13 Tentative Budget Work Session June 4 2012
FY14 Recommended Budget
FY14 Tentative Budget Work Session June 3 2013
FY15 Recommended Budget
FY15 Tentative Budget Work Session June 2 2014
FY 2016 Public Budget Document
FY 2017 Official Budget
FY 2017 Public Budget Document
FY 2018 Public Budget Document
FY 2018 Official Budget
FY 2019 Public Budget Document
FY 2019 Official Budget
FY 2020 Public Budget Document
FY 2021 Public Budget Document
FY 2022 Public Budget Document
FY 2022 Tax Digest and M&O Levy
FY 2022 Tentative General Fund Budget
FY 2023 Tax Digest and Last 5 Years
FY 2023 Tax Budget All Funds
FY 2023 Public Budget Document

Contact Information

Janice S. Bloodworth Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer

706-748-2365 Fax